Wireless GoPro Microphone (REMOVU M1+A1)

One thing that makes the GoPro an awesome camera is its ability to capture amazing video quality. When it comes to the GoPro’s audio, the performance can sometimes be limited. When capturing a story with your GoPro, audio quality is as important as video quality. This is where REMOVU stepped in to solve this problem by developing a wireless mic system called the M1+A1. I’m going to talk about my experience using the REMOVU M1+A1, and give you my opinion about it. Let’s jump right into it.

In the Box

In the box you are going to get the M1, A1, waterproof mic case, windscreen, GoPro mount, mic clip, USB connector, and a USB cable for charging. The M1 is the microphone, and the A1 is the Bluetooth mic receiver.

removu m1+a1

REMOVU M1+A1 components

Setup Process

The A1 attaches to the back of the GoPro just like the standard battery BacPac or LCD Touch BacPac. The mini USB attachment links the A1 with the GoPro. The Bluetooth linking process is straight forward and takes about 30 seconds to setup for the first time. After the initial setup, the M1+A1 will pair automatically once powered on within a few seconds. To pair the two devices, hold down the Bluetooth button on the M1 for a few seconds until the LED blinks blue; do the same on the A1. Once the LED is solid blue on both devices, they are paired.

Both the M1+A1 have their own internal batteries and according to REMOVU, both the M1+A1 lasts up to 6 hours with non-stop recording. I’ve used the mic while snowboarding this winter. I went through two GoPro batteries, and the M1+A1 batteries still had a charge. I have not yet tested if the batteries actually last 6 hours though. Both the M1 and A1 can be charged using the provided USB cable.

If you’re looking to use the M1+A1 while the GoPro is in its waterproof case, you’re going to need the extended Backdoor.


REMOVU A1 Receiver

Audio Quality

In order to achieve its wireless capabilities, the M1+A1 system utilizes Bluetooth technology. To get the best possible audio quality and performance, you’ll want to make sure the M1 and A1 are within 33 feet from each other and have a clear line of site. When the two devices are too far from each other, the Bluetooth connection will drop, and the audio will default back to the GoPro mic. Also, when the M1 doesn’t have a clear line of site with the A1 receiver, the connection can drop. Once the line of site is reestablished, the two devices will reconnect. From my experience, I’ve found that if the M1+A1 lose their connection, and reconnect again, the audio can become out of sync with the video. This can be some what annoying, but it can be easily fixed within editing.

REMOVU_M1 closeup

REMOVU M1 Closeup

When I first used the mic I was a little unsure on how the audio would sound in windy situations. Surprisingly, the included windscreen for the mic does a really great job at canceling out the wind. I’ve used the windscreen and waterproof case while snowboarding, and they both did a good job of blocking out wind, and keeping the mic safe. Keep in mind, you can’t use this system while under water because wireless signals can not travel through water. It would work perfect while surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc; as long as you are above water.

Ease of Use

I found that the mic clip is reliable, and it has never fallen off while in use. The included GoPro mount allows you to attach the mic using all standard GoPro attachments. For example, if you wanted to narrate a bike ride, you could mount the M1 onto your bike handle bars using the REMOVU GoPro mount and a bike handlebar mount. In this situation, you might want to enable the Audio Amplification Mode on the A1 receiver. Doing this will increase gain on the mic, ensuring everything you are saying is being captured. To enable this mode, press the Bluetooth button on the A1 once. The LED will change from blue, to a mix of blue and red.

REMOVU_M1+A1 Connector

REMOVU M1+A1 USB Connector

A question I get a lot about the REMOVU M1+A1 is if it is compatible with the GoPro HERO4 Silver since it has the built in LCD screen. It is compatible with the HERO4 Silver, as well as the GoPro HERO3/3+/4 cameras. According to REMOVU, the A1 receiver is compatible with all Bluetooth capable mics. At the moment, I do not have another Bluetooth mic, so I was unable to test this. Not only is the M1+A1 compatible with GoPro’s, it is also compatible with DSLR cameras and the DJI OSMO. Again, I have not tested this capability, but according to this video, it is possible. Once I get the proper cable, I will test the M1+A1 with my DSLR, and if I ever get my hands on a DJI OSMO, I will do the same.


REMOVU M1 and Mic Clip

Final Thoughts

Overall, the REMOVU M1+A1 is a perfect solution to capturing great audio from your GoPro. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll want to always ensure that both the M1 and A1 have a clear line of site and are within 33 feet from each. From the many times I’ve used the system, I’ve never encountered anything unusual. I’ve done some other videos on the REMOVU M1+A1, so if you’re interested in seeing it in action, I’ll have them linked below.




REMOVU M1+A1 Wireless GoPro Mic

REMOVU M1+A1 Wireless GoPro Mic

Audio Quality


    Battery Life


      Bluetooth Reliability


        Ease of Use



          • - Audio Quality
          • - Portable/Compact
          • - Wind Resistant/Waterproof
          • - Battery Life


          • - Increases size of GoPro
          • - Bluetooth connection needs direct line of site

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